Buy Local



True Blue Locals

Jason Hansen, director of Pump and Power Centre is an Alice Springs born and bred local.

Jason has seen the dynamics of the Territory change over the years and has acknowledged the absolute importance of supporting each other locally to ensure that Alice Springs mains the positive thriving community that it has always been.

Commitment to the Alice Springs Region

Pump and Power Centre recognises the paramount importance of local support and has developed a policy to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to the Territory “Buy Local Plan”.

Creating Jobs for Locals

By employing local residents, Pump and Power Centre can be assured that a significant amount of the weekly wages expenses will be reinvested into the community by way of accommodation, shopping and social recreational activities.

Supporting Local Suppliers

Pump and Power Centre has a “buy local first” policy whereby local suppliers are made given priority to offer goods and services whenever possible. Pump And Power Centre recognises quality service, fair pricing and local support to be major contributing factors when working with other local businesses.

Supporting the Community

Pump and Power Centre understands the importance of “giving back” to the community by way of donations, sponsorship and community participation. Employees are encouraged to actively partake in local events. Pump And Power Centre is strongly committed to community contribution by way of supply, service and funding.