Super Indy Steam Cleaner

Super Indy steam cleaners blaster water at up to 130 degrees celcius

The Super Indy has three different models-

The 240 Volt Single Phase model has a 2.2kW electric motor which blasts water at a maximum pressure of 1500 psi ( 2600 psi with the optional Turbo Lance) and 12 litres per minute, the diesel heater heats the water up to a maximum temperature of 120 degrees.

The 415 Volt Three Phase model has a few differences to the single phase model. It has a 5.5kW electric motor, maximum pressure of 3000 psi (4785 psi with the optional Turbo Lance) , flow rate of 16 litres per minute, a maximum temperature of 120 degrees.

The third model is the Admiral 4000, as the name suggests it punches out 4000 psi  ( a massive 6485 ewp when using the optional Turbo Lance. It is powered by a Three Phase 6.6kW electric motor, a flow rate of 15 litres per minute and can heat the water up to a maximum temperature of 130 degrees.

All three models come with a free sand blaster kit worth over $200

About Aussie Pumps

Aussie Pumps specialise in self priming centrifugal transfer pumps for applications including fire fighting as well as water and chemical transfer. Aussie Pumps also manufactures and imports high pressure cleaning equipment including cold water blasters, steam machines and drain cleaning jetters for tradesmen and cleaning professionals under the Aussie Eco-Clean brand.

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