Kubota Generators & Engines

We stock Kubota Generators

Pump & Power Centre keeps a large range of Kubota generators and engines in stock.  We also keep a wide range of spare parts, including filters, belts and oil seals and are able to order any other parts in on request.

The Kubota generator range consists of 5 main series -

The Workforce Series, best suited for small, remote power applications with 5 to 7kva options.

The slightly larger "GL" Lowboy series generators come in fully enclosed canopies, with a 5.5kva or an 8kva single phase option.

The "J" series generators are available in 3 phase or single phase partially enclosed canopies between 8kva and 12kva prime output.

The "KJ" series are available in both single phase and three phase, fully enclosed canopies between 12kva and 30kva prime output.

The "SQ" Super Quiet series fully enclosed with additional noise reduction canopy, available in single or three phase options between 11kva and 30kva prime output.

About Kubota Power Equipment

Kubota’s extensive power equipment range extends to engines, generators and power packs. The Kubota name is synonymous with the world’s highest performing, efficient and reliable engines, Kubota has invested heavily in the research and development of advance technologies to produce engines that set the benchmark for the industry. Kubota engines are built for tough Australian conditions.

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