Kubota Diesel Generators

Pump & Power Centre keeps a large range of Kubota generators in stock. We also hold a wide range of spare parts, including filters, belts and oil seals and are able to order any other parts in on request.

The Kubota generator range consists of 5 main series -

  1. Kubota Workforce series

    Kubota’s Workforce range features two pole generators best suited to small, remote power applications. Locally assembled to suit tough Australian conditions, the range is powered by Kubota engines, renowned worldwide for their high performance and reliability.

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  2. Kubota GL Lowboy series

    Kubota’s GL ‘Lowboy’ series II features two pole diesel generators that combine ease of maintenance, compact design and lower noise levels to suit a wide range of residential and commercial applications. The large fuel tanks are paired with exceptional fuel economy to extend operating periods between refuelling.

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  3. Kubota J Series

    The Kubota J Series features reliable two pole generators equipped with powerful, world renowned Kubota diesel engines. Best suited to residential and commercial applications, the J series compact design provides ease of maintenance and transportation, allowing you to use it almost anywhere!

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  4. Kubota KJ Series

    The Kubota KJ Series features heavy-duty four pole generators best suited to industrial applications. Built with world renowned Kubota diesel engines, the KJ series is in a class of its own, offering a quieter, more efficient and safer operation.

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  5. Kubota SQ series

    Kubota’s largest and premium generator range, the SQ Series heavy duty four pole diesel generators are incredibly powerful and reliable, yet remarkably quiet. The special enclosure with noise absorbing duct, oversized muffler, extra long air cleaner hose and quieter cooling fan combine for super quiet performance.

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