Ebara Submersible Pumps

Ebara 4 inch bore hole submersible pumps.

4N 4" Borehole Pumps
These submersible multistage pumps have many applications including:
  • The pumping of clear water from 4" bores
  • Domestic, farm or industrial water supply
  • Irrigation
  • Pumping of clean water in general

We can supply and size pump from 0.37kW to 2.2kW in single phase and from 0.37kW to 5.5kW in 3 phase, with flow rates between 10 and 350 litres per minute.

If you need a specific pump to pump higher than 5 litres per second, please call us for a quote as we can supply larger capacity pumps as required. Complete bore pumps with hose and cable can be made in house and shipped direct to you.

About Ebara Pumps

Ebara Technologies manufacture a huge range of pumps, including cast iron or stainless steel submersible pumps, household pressure pumps and industrial multistage pumps.

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