Grundfos Submersible Pumps

Grundfos manufacture many different types of pump, in their submersible range they offer bore hole pumps and sump pumps


If you know your bore hole depth, total operating head, standing water level and how many litres per second your bore is capable of pumping, we can size a pump to suit your needs. Pump & Power Centre stock a large range of pumps to suit different water flow rates, bore hole diameters and depths.The two main series of Grundfos submersible bore pumps we stock are the SQ Flex and SP-A,  We have multiples of pumps in stock with pumping capacity up to 5 litres per second and can order larger pumps if required.


Grundfos also manufacture a large range of commercial and industrial submersible sump pumps. The UNILIFT series are a lightweight and portable pump suitable for various uses. The KP models can pump waste water with particle size up to 10 mm which makes it perfect for jobs such as draining a swimming pool or pond, pumping of excess floodwater or pumping domestic wastewater where the water is below sewer level. The AP35 and AP50 models are capable of pumping effluent and sewage with particle sizes up to 50 mm diameter. All of these models are available with or without a float switch for automatic shutoff when desired water level is achieved.

About Grundfos

Grundfos is a world leader in manufacturing and supplying pumps and pumping systems of all types. Their pumps are especially designed to withstand tough Australian conditions.

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