Are you a Qualified Electrician with NT License?

Pump and Power Centre is a locally owned and operated supplier of generators, pumps, solar pumping systems, along with many other items. Pump and Power is a contractor for all types of industrial electrical work, working locally and in remote areas out of Alice Springs. Pump and Power services the local Government, Power and Water Authority, local Shires and Resource Centres and Private Customers. We take great pride in our work and require an electrician that has the same values and determination.

“Pump and Power is great! ”

Name Engineer

Why Work for us!

Watch the video to get a detailed overview of your future job!


  • Must have a current Northern Territory Electrical Workers licence and White Card
  • Experience with generators and pumps would be great, but not essential.
  • MR or above Truck licence would also be an advantage, but also not essential.
  • able to follow instructions and procedures
  • able to work unsupervised in a professional manner.
  • willing to be on call when required
  • be able to work in remote areas.
  • able to work well with others