Bore Boss

Pump & Power Centre are the agent for Bore Boss Rentals in the Alice Springs region. Ideal for road crews, campsites or unmanned bore use.

When productivity is critical to your business, invest in the right piece of equipment to do the job quickly, safely and effectively.

The Bore Boss has been designed for you to work safely and efficiently in remote locations. Fully equipped to meet demand at the push of a button, the Bore Boss allows you to safely achieve in minutes what used to take hours.


  • Purpose built heavy duty trailer
  • Hydraulic motor driven with lever controls for lowering pump down bore
  • 17.5Kva 3 phase power plant
  • 100m of 63mm poly
  • Pipe, power and safety cables all rolled together
  • Flows up to 5l/sec with current pump


  • Maximise your productivity
  • Reduce your manual handling
  • Very safe for single person operation
  • Water flow testing
  • Obtain water from unequipped or unpowered bores
  • great for moving road crews or exploration