Pump and Power Centre has a range of generators to suit all needs, both residential and commercial ranging in size from 1.0kVA to 250kVA

  1. Kubota GL Lowboy series

    Compact design, lower noise levels and large capacity fuel tank make it perfect for a wide range of residential and commercial applications.

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  2. Kubota J Series

    The J Series adds an extra compact design, extended operating periods on a single tank of fuel and easy movability so that you can use it almost anywhere.

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  3. Kubota KJ Series

    The Kubota KJ Series features heavy-duty four pole generators best suited to industrial applications. The KJ series is in a class of its own, offering a more efficient and safer operation.

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  4. Kubota SQ series

    Kubota’s largest and premium generator range is Super Quiet

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  5. ALL NEW Kubota KD series

    The KD5500 has a wheel mounted design. Ideal for small remote applications, industrial purposes and mobile contractors.

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