Pump and Power Centre has a range of generators to suit all needs, both residential and commercial ranging in size from 1.0kVA to 250kVA

  1. Yanmar YDG Series 2.2 – 6.6KVA

    The YDG series is ideal for power and economy on a smaller scale. With large fuel tanks they run from dusk to dawn without fill up.

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  2. Yanmar EG-i Series Inverter Generator Series 7.5-11KVA

    The compact vertical water-cooled diesel engine and inverter-type power generator is a lightweight compact design with great portability.

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  3. Yanmar YH Single phase generators 6.6KVA – 29.2KVA

    These single phase diesel generators are ideal as standby for businesses or households using solar power with other uses including back-up in the case of power cuts or as electricity for those who are unable to access the grid.

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  4. Yanmar YH -3 Phase Series Generators 13.4KVA – 55.0KVA

    The range of five models delivers premium quality power generation, from 12.5 kVa through to 45.0 kVa.

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