Pump and Power Centre supplies a variety of pumps for both domestic and commercial requirements

  1. Aussie Black Box

    The "No Fuss" Aussie Black Box is simple and will cut cleaning times. Now with a 4 Year Warranty!

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  2. Aussie Quik Prime Ultralite Pumps

    Lightweight, high speed, top quality petrol engines.

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  3. Aussie Petrol Driven and Diesel Driven Firefighting Pumps

    Lightweight, portable high pressure pumps for fire fighting, mop up and fire protection.

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  4. Scud Pressure Cleaner

    The New Aussie Scud blasters have been designed to provide cleaning professionals with effective cleaning solutions and minimal environmental impact.

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  5. Super Indy Steam Cleaner

    Professional electric drive steam pressure blasters with pressures from 1500 psi through to 3000 psi

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