Aussie Pumps

Pressure Washers, Firefighting Pumps and Water Transfer Pumps,

Aussie Pumps manufacture a wide range of heavy duty Cold Water Pressure Washers, Hydrostatic Testers and larger industrial Drain Cleaners (Jetters) for unblocking underground pipes. They also manufacture Hot Water Pressure Washers and Steam Cleaners up to 4000psi as well as accessories and spare parts for all of their machines.

Aussie Pumps also offer a huge range of portable firefighting pumps, semi-trash pumps, clean water transfer pumps capable of pumping up to 1800 litres per minute and even Submersible pumps. Come into our showroom at 15 Elder Street, Alice Springs to see the wide range of products they can supply.

  1. Aussie Fire Chief and Fire Captain

    Aussie Firefighting pumps - Best performance, Best value

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  2. Mr T

    Twin Impeller Fire Pump

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  3. Diesel Fire Pumps

    Yanmar and Kubota powered pumps.

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  4. Cougar MK3

    Cougar Pressure Cleaner

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  5. Scud 400 Pressure Cleaner

    4000 psi Pressure Cleaner

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  6. Super Indy Steam Cleaner

    Super Indy steam cleaners blaster water at up to 130 degrees celcius

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