Bore Fittings

Crusader hoses and fittings

Crusader "Flexibore" lay flat hose has many benefits over rigid poly and steel riser pipes, as it is lighter and stronger, it needs no safety cable, and is much easier to transport, lower and retrieve your pump. 32mm Crusader hose has an equivalent flow to 40 OD poly pipe, but with rigid pipes internal scaling builds up and reduces flow and also increases electricity costs. The Crusader hose swells during pumping thus no build up will occur inside the hose. Crusader hose has a 5year prorata warranty against faulty materials and workmanship.

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We keep a large range of 32 and 50 mm lay flat Crusader hose in stock as well as stainless steel couplings, sockets, reducers and nipples to suit pump head. Galvanised couplings, elbows, reducers, nipples and sockets to suit poly pipe, as well as bore caps and shroud kits for submersible pumps.

About Crusader Hose

Crusader is an Australian manufacturer of unique lay flat hose and other industrial hoses, as well as fittings and joiners to suit.

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