Yanmar Water Transfer Pumps

Yanmar YDP series pumps are available in three types - Fresh Water, Semi-Trash and Trash Pumps depending on your requirements.

We stock a range of Yanmar Industrial YDP Series diesel pumps including:

  • YDP20 (2 inch pump) capable of pumping 550 litres per minute
  • YDP30 (3 inch pump) capable of pumping 900 litres per minute
  • YDP40 (4 inch pump) capable of pumping 1300 litres per minute and is available in recoil or electric start.

Our qualified tradesmen pre-deliver these pumps so they are full of oil and fuel and wet tested before you pick them up, so they are ready to be used straight away. We also stock cam locks and fittings to suit the above pumps.

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About Yanmar

Yanmar is a Japanese diesel engine manufacturer with more than 100 years of history. The engines are used in generator sets, construction equipment and agricultural equipment.

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