Custom Generator Builds

Custom built generators to suit your needs

Pump and Power have access to a huge range of engines and alternators so we can build any size genset you need, -

Yamaha TF and Kubota RK series engines coupled with a Sincro 6kva or 8kva alternator and mounted on a skid frame - these tough little units are perfect for running small bore pumps and can be set up with manual, electric or auto start features as well as fitted with bleed kits for use with external fuel tanks.

If you need a larger generator we have access to Yanmar 3TNV and 4TNV engines for 10kva to 35kva gensets,  Hino W04 and J08 engines to build gensets from 35kva up to 185kva. As well as John Deere, Cummins, FPT and IVECO options. Each of these engines and alternator combination is built on a skid frame for the basic setup, and can be mounted inside a weatherproof / sound attenuated canopy for security, safety and quieter running if required. We also manufacture and program control boxes to suit your needs, from a basic key start option, to an auto start option with low water and oil pressure protection or anywhere inbetween.

At Pump and Power Centre, we use only the most reliable engines and alternators in our generator designs. This gives us a strong base to build the rest of the system to suit your specific needs. As we manufacture gensets in house, we can customize a generator to fit your application precisely. We also have access to Yanmar and Kubota factory standard generators which can be modified with different power outlets and fuel tank sizes if needed. Whichever type of generator you choose, you can be sure it is of the highest quality and correctly installed by our professional service personnel who take great pride in their work. We have a large fleet of vehicles to transport your generator to the desired location.

All of these gensets are built in our workshop, including manufacture of the frames, wiring to the engine and alternator, canopies ( if required) as well as the control boxes and programming of the controller – we then put the generators through a complete mechanical and electrical test before sending them out to our customers.